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Contains 48 pieces of MOKULOCK and a traditional Japanese towel with tree names printed in English and Japanese.

Timber species used:

  • Japanese Cherry
  • Japanese Zelkova
  • Japanese Bigleaf Magnolia
  • Birch
  • Hornbeam
  • Maple

Mokulock won the Fil Vert “Green” itinerary award at the Maison & Objet Paris 2015.

Each brick is simply carved out from a solid piece of wood. No surface finishing oil, chemical, paint, or glue is used. Moreover, its safeness has been proved by qualifications of various safety standard examinations. These wooden building bricks are ideal to be used during early childhood education and play.

Target Age: 3+

Please note that Mokulock bricks do not fit together with plastic lego blocks.
Package size: 150mm x 215mm x 30mm
Block size:.16mm x 32mm x 13mm
Towel size: 350mm x 900mm


Sustainability Score = 2 Trees will be planted on your behalf with One Tree Planted to reforest your purchase