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Do you have someone that likes to help in the kitchen? We adore Little Chef because there are so many ways to play with this box of ingredients.

Pull out the carrot, tomato, mushroom and ham, slice them into chunks with the knife. Make a sandwich with leaves of lettuce, cuts of ham and a cheese slice, or turn the dials on the cooker box, throw ingredients into a pan and give them a stir.

What makes all this extra special, though, is that all the pieces are also fun to play with individually. The tomato has a bell to make it rattle, the lettuce is a mini jigsaw puzzle and almost all the ingredients, including the bread, magnetically spring together. Even tidying up is fun! Slide on the shape-sorter lid to the box and it becomes a game of matching ingredients to holes.

While enjoying pretend play, your child will develop communication skills, expressiveness, and language skills. They can also acquire manual dexterity by cutting vegetables and imitating cooking. 

When you remove the stove plate, a molded plate will appear.
Cut the ingredients, stick them together, and carefully consider the shape and put them in the holes. Your child can enhance their creativity.

dou? is a Japanese toy brand which advocates safe and secure play.
This toy complies with CE toy safety directives.

dou? takes the phrase "Mother knows best" to heart. Every toy in the range is conceived under the guidance of a group of mothers in the company’s team. All the toys are creatively designed to not only be unique, but also to help educate.

Pieces included: 4 slices of bread,  1 slice of cheese, 1 mushroom (2 parts), 1 tomato (3 parts), 1 slice of ham (4 parts), 1 piece of lettuce (4 parts), 1 carrot (3 parts). 1 knife, 1 cooker top lid, 1 shape-sorter lid

Size: 250 × 250 × 100 (cm)
Material: beech, plywood, mdf, felt

non-toxic paint

Each tree has its own personality.  None of them have the same color, knots, or annual rings.  One of the great things about wooden toys is that you can enjoy each individuality.

Due to changes in humidity and temperature, the wood may warp or create gaps, but
this is due to the nature of the wood.  For long-term usage, please avoid using it in a humid place, in direct sunlight, or near a heating / cooling device as it may cause warpage or gaps.

Sustainability Score = 2 Trees will be planted on your behalf with One Tree Planted to reforest your purchase