Hina mobile

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This unique wooden mobile is designed based on the Doll's Festival in Japan, wishing the healthy growth for the girls. 
A simple yet unique design mobile can be used for a room interior all year round.

The top of this mobile is a gold folding screen motif made of brass.
In Japan, brass has an effect as a "talisman" that supports you to stay healthy.
This mobile also shows the symbol of "connections".

It's a beautiful mobile contains lots of good meanings!

It comes in a box, so you can give it as a gift for the celebration of childbirth and festivals...

■ Detail
Natural wood such as agathis, brass, fishing line

■ Set
Gold folding screen (brass) 1, Inner back 1, Hina doll 1, Three-person official woman 3, Five-person musical accompaniment 5,
Peach blossom, bonbori, sake cup, brass ring 1 each
Dedicated paper box

■ Size
Approximately 30 cm x 53 cm (when hanging)

■ Caution
* Since it is a wooden product, it may crack if you apply too much force or drop it.
* There are burn marks and burn marks peculiar to laser processing, but this is not a defect.
* The brazed part has a pinkish color.
* Brass is in a solid state without plating, so if you are concerned about discoloration, please use a commercially available maintenance product for brass.
* Please discontinue use of parts that have hangnail, chipping, cracks, etc. during use as they may cause injuries.
* Small parts are dangerous if swallowed by small children, so please use them within the reach of parents.

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