About Us...

I believe in nature power. 

I spent my childhood in Greece, Australia and Tokyo, Japan. When I was in Greece and Australia, I was surrounded by nature. I grew up with nature. Thus, it was a bit of culture shock when I came back to Tokyo. I was honestly disappointed when I found out that all I can see from my window was ONE small tree. I was running around my back yard in Australia, trying to taste flowers when I was in Greece.  That was my life before. However, in Tokyo, which is a fast-paced city, it's difficult to enjoy those things. I missed their sounds and smells so much. If I feel sad, I look for the place where I can see the trees. I close my eyes and enjoy their whispers. They always ease my pain and double my joy.

I've always loved nature for it's pleasant sights, sounds and smells. The more technology has captured our attention, the more I have gained an appreciation for the peace that exists in the unspoiled beauty of this planet.   

As a parent of two beautiful daughters, I have searched many retailers and online stores for eco-friendly toys. I want to bring nature to my home and would love to help to build the future my children and loved ones want to live in. 

I have found that when I have traveled back to Japan, there are many small shops selling unique wood toys which my children love (and myself!) .  These items capture the essence of nature for all to enjoy and help foster creativity and development for children, teens, and even adults. 

I look forward to sharing these items with you on Johport. 

An online shop, featuring unique gender-neutral and eco-friendly goods that everyone will love and appreciate!