KINOKO Bowl -3pc set

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Adorable and functional mushroom shaped dishes for children are here!
Do you already have dishes for your little ones to start solids? This is a perfect set!

Have you ever used wooden spoons, bowls and cups? They are super gentle yet solid! Plus, you don't burn your toungue or lips even if the food is hot. Wood has natural ways to reduce the heat and cold...It is designed for young kids to hold a cup and a spoon easily. 
Perfect for the little ones' little mouth!
Which set is your favorite?

Made form:
Cherry-Light brown bowl
Walnut-Dark brown bowl
Maple- White bowl

All of them come with a bowl, cup and spoon.
KINOKO means "mushroom" in Japanese. 

Material: natural wood (Cherry, Walnut and Maple)
Made and designed in: Japan

Sustainability Score = 3 Trees will be planted on your behalf with One Tree Planted to reforest your purchase