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Much experimentation went into perfecting the House Trivet by Sunaolab in Japan.

This wooden trivet folds into a small, architectural house! It is pretty cute, but it also easy to tuck away in a drawer or on a shelf when not in use. There’s a leather loop for hanging as well.

When standing, it's an adorable object, but flip it over and let go and it falls into an x-shaped trivet. To return it to its house form, simply lift it up by its attached cord and it drops straight back into place. Cleverly constructed with the trivet part on the inside, rest assured no hot pan will ever mar the house design.

This would make a great housewarming gift for a friend or coworker!

Designed by Tomotaka Nagao, an artist in Fukuoka, Japan.

Available in Cherry, Beech, Walnut and Maple.
Natural plant oil-based coating.
Made in Japan
Size: 4.25h x 1.5″w (Width 3.2 cm x Height 3.2 cm x Length 11 cm)
Materials: Maple, leather thread

About Sunaolab brand;
"Tanoshii" or "fun" is the motto of SunaoLab, who have the knack of transforming everyday goods into charming objets. All made with natural materials and hand-crafted in Japan, Sunao Lab items are designed not only to be useful, but to be enjoyed.

Sustainability Score = 1 Trees will be planted on your behalf with One Tree Planted to reforest your purchase