Winter outdoorplay: Ice ornaments

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Hi everyone! We hope you are all doing good and staying healthy.

Thank you again for those people who have been purchasing and supporting our eco-friendly toys! We are very happy to share our philosophy and toys with you.

Well, it's winter.
I do love winter sometimes.

White snow, chilly winds...crunchy sounds from the ground...Of course, I cannot stay outside long even with my winter clothes as it's freezing here. But there is still something we can do outside!

So here is an idea for winter nature play: ice ornaments!

You can make them inside or outside. If the area you are living doesn't get cold, just use your freezer to make ice ornaments and let the kids play.

You'll need:

  • Ice cude tray
  • strings
  • leaves, flower petals or anything you want to put inside the ornaments
  • water

Yes, it's very simple!

First, I let my kids to walk around our backyard and pick whatever they want to put inside the ornaments. They picked: rose petals, curly parsley leaves, dead flowers, leaves and rocks.

Second, I divided the ingredients and put into the each space on the tray, and gently pour water.

Third, I made some rings with strings and sink them into the water.

Then, I put them in the freezer to make ice! (If outside is cold enough to make ice, you can leave them outside)


Finally, you hang all the ice ornaments to your trees!

They may last for a week or a day (depends on the weather). You can go outside every morning with your little ones and check if they are still on the tree or already melted.

Honestly speaking, I enjoyed it more than my kids.
It can be a small science lesson for your child / children too!

Hope this blog gives you a small idea to enjoy this winter...

We also have many unique toys that your children can play with inside your warm and cozy house if you are not a huge fan of going outside in the winter. (and that is perfectly ok!) 

Enjoy and please keep staying healthy everyone! 




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