Why Are Sustainable Toys Important?

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Why should you consider an eco-friendly toy instead of the other options?  Here are just a couple reasons you might want to consider sustainable toys for your child:

  • Nature Power:   Allowing your child to play with wood toys creates a greater connection between your loved one and Mother Earth.  The feel, smell and sight of wood not only is proven to have a calming effect but it will also allow your youngster to establish a respect for nature at a young age.

  • Well-Being and Safety:  Many plastic toys can break easily into small parts creating a hazard for your child... Especially if those pieces are finding their way to a mouth.  Wooden toys are strong, durable, and made to last which creates a safer play area. Of course, you do need to be on the watch when your kids are playing with toys (especially when they are young) to let them play safely.  Even if babies lick and taste wooden toys, 100% natural toys are safe for your children. 

  • Environmentally Sound:  Wood toys are biodegradable which lowers their environmental impact by using renewable sources.  If unpainted, wood toys are generally free of toxic chemicals which further reduces any negative impact that your child's play creates for the planet.  Compare this to high volume toy brands which are mass producing items using the cheapest materials available and very little regard for maintaining a green footprint.

  • Stimulates Creativity:  The stimulating effects of wood allow your child to concentrate and create.  Wood toys have a simplicity that enables the child's imagination to take hold.  Imagination matters! This promotes mental and physical development beyond mainstream toys which have many distracting features that can stifle originality and innovation.

We hope that the next time you are looking to treat your little ones you consider a sustainable and eco-friendly solution.  This is what inspired us to create Johport........A marketplace for Sustainable, Eco-Friendly, and Unique Toy Brands.   




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