Kite Paper Craft ( Uttori Gami )

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Hi everyone!

Time flies...

Hope all of you had a great summer and are enjoying last days of fall.
I cannot believe that we are still dealing with COVID-19 but this is what it is...

The more cold it gets, the more home time! We go outside even if it's cold and snowy (I'm sure you guys too!), but also do more crafts during fall / winter.

How about something cheerful on your windows / doors?
I do like simplicity but also love seeing fun window decorations! about these?

These are not made from cellophane...
I found this paper called "Uttori gami" in Japan, "Kite paper" in English. You can use this paper like origami, but the papers allow some light to pass through.  
It makes a beautiful window decoration for the different seasons! 
You can try this with your children or by yourself.
Honestly, when I started making one, it was hard for me to stop making more...
It is addicting!!

You'll need:
1. Kite Paper (I got them from Amazon)
2. Glue
3. Scissors

First, depends on what you are planning to make, cut the Kite paper accordingly. I found it's cuter if they are smaller but probably depends on what you want.
Here, I cut them in small rectangles like below.

Then fold them per the instructions.
Here I use these instructions on the left for my reference.
I wanted to do a double flower so I made 8+8=16 petals.
Use the glue and paste togather.
A pink flower is done!
Lastly, work on the white petals and glue them to make one flower. 
What do you think?

It's all in Japanese but check out this website for more patterns and decorations...It is STUNNING!!


This image is from the website...

To be honest with you, my 6 yr old daughter is not super good at fine motor skills, but she was enjoying making this with me. I didn't let her do too much either so that she wouldn’t get flustered.

Some children have very good fine motor skills. They'll love this!

I hope you can just enjoy making this window decorations one day with your children! ( Again, I think I enjoyed it the most though)

Have a safe and happy thanksgiving everyone and thank you for reading!





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