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Today, I would like to talk about the Japanese "Good Toy Award". As you probably already know, Johport carries many wood toys from Japan. Some of our toys have received the Japanese "Good Toy Award". 

So...What is the "Good Toy Award"?

Each year, a limited number of toys selected from around the world receive this Japanese Good Toy Award. For over 30 years the certified NPO Japanese Good Toy Award committee has selected toys which are pedagogically creative, inspiring, and most importantly, safe, fun and challenging to their mind and spirit. 

The institution of the "Good Toy Award" has reinforced the idea of a toy culture, of a fun-loving, play culture. So many toys have hit the market every year and unfortunately, so many of them go unnoticed... In fact, toys which are incredibly unique and inspiring often slip away before children have a chance to play with them.

The Japanese "Good Toy Award" gives these obscure but wonderful creative toys a chance to thrive and prosper. It is an objective acknowledgement of expertise in toy design and creativity. The "Good Toy Award" has encouraged the proliferation of a pedagogically sophisticated and fun-inspiring toy.

We are working hard to communicate with individual wood craftsman who are creating unique and sustainable toys. Please take a look...They are beautiful!

Log Caterpillar House

Tsumiki-Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter (Coming soon!)


 Steering Wheel guido


Link to: Japan Good Toy Award (In Japanese)

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